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Our Methods

The Acceleration Training Concepts training philosophy is a system based approach emphasizing functional movement assessment and training. This is a departure from "traditional" routines that rely upon progressive resistive exercises and single-plane concentric movements.


Our first step is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to evaluate joint mobility, soft tissue flexibility, stability and muscular imbalances. This assessment allows us to identify abnormalities in the kinetic chain such as compensation patterns. An abnormal function can affect the entire movement chain and impair normal function and the ability to properly exercise. Once aberrant patterns are identified, specific corrective exercises are recommended to resolve those issues.


Our second step is instituted when the abnormal movement mechanics have been corrected. This involves integration and reinforcement, both of which are directed at exercise programs designed to encourage functional exercises in weight-bearing positions.


Our third step involves the progression through increasing levels of exercise incorporating eight distinct components. This concept requires constant monitoring of the client's progress as they resolve their deficiencies and advance through the guidelines.


  • Inhibit – resolve trigger points + correct soft tissue tightness and inflexibility.

  • Lengthen – increase flexibility to improve joint motion and function.

  • Mobility – improve joint motion by addressing soft tissue tightness and muscle weakness.

  • Activation – recruitment of weak and unresponsive muscles into (neuromuscular re-education) activity.

  • Integration – coordination related muscle and joint function in a functional capacity.

  • Reinforce – muscular strength, endurance, power, and hypertrophy.

  • ESD – total Energy System Development training including the cardiovascular system and muscular skeletal.

  • Recovery/Regeneration – a time to improve circulation, relaxation and lymphatic drainage for our clients to regenerate for future training activities.

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