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Acceleration Training Concepts achieves success and positive outcomes by performing assessment screening, testing for each individual client, and safely and effectively progressing his/her program. At Acceleration Training Concepts, we are 100% committed to helping clients achieve maximal movement, performance, increasing health and well-being, decreasing injury possibility, and encouraging through education.

Acceleration Training Concepts trains athletes, aspiring athletes, CEOs, weekend warriors, housewives, students, and others to achieve their peak performance regardless of age, gender, skill level, or fitness level.

Continuing Education


Acceleration Training Concepts dedicates itself to staying abreast of all the latest evidence-based research regarding nutrition, performance, human movement science, as well as the latest workout and exercise programs. Each coach at Acceleration Training Concepts is required to read the latest sports science journals weekly, attend our weekly in-house educational programs, and attend at least 1 national conference minimally each year.


We also believe in sharing this knowledge with our clients and community by offering similar educational programs throughout the year. Certified performance enhancement specialists, certified kettle bell instructors, certified personal trainers, and an orthopedic surgeon, staff acceleration Training Concepts. Our staff remains current on certifications/specializations.

Coach vs. Trainer


At Acceleration Training Concepts, we have coaches rather than trainers. How many times have you seen "trainers" at other gyms obviously bored, watching TV, or on their cell phones? Rather than "training" our clients, we prefer to coach them not only in changing their exercise habits, but also their lifestyles. We motivate, educate, and inspire our clients during each and every session to make improvements in the gym, on the playing field, at work, and at home. We use fun and innovative programs based on our assessments/testing and client's individual needs and lifestyle. We guarantee - you cannot find what we offer in your average gym!


Exercise Environment


Are you tired of going to crowded gyms and paying monthly fees for things that you don't even use? How about gyms where the staff is not friendly, helpful, or knowledgeable? How many times have you seen people who don't know what they are doing in the gym? The average gym is not designed with results in mind, but as an assembly line – trying to get as many people in and out and signed up during the day without ever teaching proper form, function, progression or basic technique.


We have created a very intimate training environment, and we give full attention to each client. Acceleration Training Concepts believes in providing a safe, judgement free training environment that positions each individual client for success and focuses on our clients' goals and results. We exist solely to provide client-based solutions, not selling memberships.

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