A unique undertaking in the world of professional training

ATC’s performance training takes an innovative, preventative approach to ensure durability, longevity, and peak athletic performance.

It offers high level specialized physical training to a wide range of clients, with that training being provided by highly professional, educated, and motivated performance specialists. This is combined with physician input from a fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon to address the medical issues of the client population.

Our training methodology and philosophy includes a new technology called vibration (Acceleration) training.

In our studio we utilize the Power Plate as one of our modalities which affords us great flexibility and options in the programs we offer. We combine this technology with other functional modalities which further allow us flexibility in designing routines for every class of individual.

Functional Movement Screening is key

We begin with a movement screen to discover mobility and stability issues. The movement screen we implement (FMS) is a logical, scientifically proven approach to set a baseline for an individual. It allows us to evaluate an individual’s dysfunction. We can retest when necessary and compare quantitative score. This is followed by 8 unique steps to enhance athletic performance.

Our goal with each athlete is building a solid foundation that will reduce risk of overuse injury (durability) and improve overall performance. Our program first reinstates proper movement patterns then progresses to all stages of training including core and functional strength training, speed/agility, and power development.

Our performance coaches will educate, teaching proper technique and supervise movement with each session. We encourage the practice of quality over quantity. The number of repetitions is irrelevant but the number of quality repetitions enhances performance

Injury Reduction is our #1 Goal

We are not the typical strength and conditioning coach. Injury Reduction is our #1 Goal. We recognize that fact that an athlete cannot perform if injured.

Performance enhancement
Build off of fundamental skills

Pre-collegiate is an important time for any athlete. During these years, an athlete is developing the movement patterns they will use the rest of their lives. Athletes especially need to be certain they are developing the proper patterns to avoid injury on the court or field. Our highly trained performance coaches maximize their time spent with a young athlete by educating and enforcing the patterns that will enhance durability and maximize performance. The best teams and individuals in the world implement this type of system. Train smart. Train like a pro.

Click here for a list of some of the organizations that utilize Functional Movement Systems.

Our organization is people-oriented, and we cater to the motivated individual. Our goal is to provide courteous, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and accountable service to our clients. Call us today at 713-333-7733 for more information.

Acceleration Training Concepts


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